Jhalak Easy

Jhalak easy offers India's best in class solution for tough stains ranging from grease to starch and so much more. Laundry with Jhalak is so quick and easy that it has become a child's game now !

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Removes Invisible stains
Invisible stains, which cannot be seen from our naked eyes, give a yellowish texture to your whites and make your new clothes look old in just one or two washes !

The new Jhalak's Micro-clean technology removes even invisible stains and your clothes look brand new even after multiple washes !

Strike on 16 stains

The power of jhalak removes even the toughest stains,soil and dirt leaving clothes bright and new.

Whiteness and Brightness claims

Enzyme dynamics keep whites white and bring black back.
Dazzling cuff & collars .
Keeps clarity right and stripes bright.