Established in 1984, Jhalak is a first generation entrepreneurial venture. With a wide distribution network spread across multiple states in the country, it has established itself as a player in the domestic market, and is increasingly focusing on expanding more. Jhalak is one of the leading brands in detergent and dishwash soaps...

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Our Products


Jhalak Easy

Laundry with Jhalak is so quick and easy that it has become a child's game now !.

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Jhalak Dryclean Care

Jhalak dry clean care gives you feeling of wearing new clothes everyday.

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Jhalak Detergent Bar

Jhalak Detergent Bar has a polymer formula that keeps your clothes soft .

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Diswash Bar

Germy clean bar helps to kill germs and bacteria present on the utensils.

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Multi-Action Bar

Multi-Actions Bar performs .
2 Actions !.

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Farrata Dishwash Tub

Farrata dish wash tub leaves the utensils sparkling clean.

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washing tips
Sort laundry

By fabric: Separate delicate fabrics that require a gentle wash from heavier items.

By color: Separate whites from colors, and pastels from dark colors.

By soil level: Soil can travel from one garment to another so wash heavily soiled garments separately.

Choose the right water temperature

The care label on your clothes recommends which water temperature to use.

• Cold (20°C) Ideal for fabrics that might shrink or fade in w arm water and recommended for typical wash-and-wear items.

• Warm (35°C) Recommended for permanent press items including light to medium colors.

• Hot (55°C) Provides maximum cleaning for items that can stand hot water without losing color or shrinking.

Pre-treat obvious stains

Most stains can be removed completely, provided that they are handled promptly and properly.

Follow these general tips:

• Act fast and rinse stains in cold water before they have a chance to set.

• Check the fabric before removing any stain.

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